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We’re frankly shocked that there hasn’t been a Yorkshire Pudding Festival before, but this coming February, there is finally going to be an entire festival dedicated to that quintessential British treat: Yorkshire Puddings.

Taking place on 1st February in Leeds City Centre, the festival is being described as the UK’s first by its organisers and will involve a huge range of food vendors creating their own versions of the Yorkshire Pudding. Which sounds like the best idea anyone has ever had. What is even better is that this festival is free to attend!

The whole thing is the brain child of Yorkshire-born Ben Vollans, who came up with the idea after realising that there wasn’t an entire festival dedicated to the best bit of a Sunday roast. He told reporters: “It’s definitely one of many things that has put Yorkshire on the map. It’s a really diverse dish. As a kid, I grew up eating leftover ones with pudding with fresh berries and ice cream for pudding.”

The UK’s first Yorkshire Pudding Festival is taking place at Kirkgate Market in Leeds City Centre on 1st February.