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  • bonfire night
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    Britain’s bon fire traditions

    Bon Fire night is almost upon us and with it a whole host of seasonal activities and events including firework displays and a few other traditions that continue to be celebrated. Naturally, you can find the best bon fire night events in your area by clicking here and using the search bar, but if you want to find out a little more about the various bonfire night traditions that take place across Britain, read on.

  • festival survival tips
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    5 Festival Survival Tips for your next festival

    Festivals are a staple of summer time events and there are so many to choose from that you will be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed. Don’t worry though, we’ve come up with a few tips you might not have thought of but will definitely help you survive your weekend of partying.

  • Top 10 tips for attending cons
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    Top 10 tips for attending cons

    Even if you are a seasoned pro, you’ll always arrive at the venue and suddenly remember you didn’t actually chuck those cereal bars into your bag or you’ll be on the train in your Deadpool costume and remember that you didn’t use the bathroom before you left.

  • 2019 glastonbury festival
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    Great moments from this year’s Glastonbury

    Glastonbury always leaves us with fond memories, who else still thinks about Kanye West rocking up at Worthy Farm? This year’s festival was no different, so we’ve compiled our ten favourite moments from the 2019 festival just in case you need a little help making up your mind whether or not to go to the 50th anniversary in 2020!

  • facts about wimbledon
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    Fun facts about Wimbledon to wow your friends!

    July is all about Wimbeldon, so while the world’s most famous tennis tournament gets underway, here are some facts for you to wow your friends with, whether you’re watching from home or you were lucky enough to score tickets.

  • st ascot

    A guide to Ascot Etiquette

    Royal Ascot is the most prestigious horse race in the UK and as such, there are some customs and rules for those attending. The Queen is usually in attendance and the Royal Procession that kicks off the day is pretty spectacular.

  • fathers day 2019
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    Treat your dad this Father’s Day

    This Father’s Day why not celebrate by heading to one of the many events going on all over the country? You’ll find everything, from spa days (yes, dad’s like good skin too!) to special lunch time menus to workshops where you and your dad can learn something together to just good old fashioned day out together.

  • gay london

    With Pride approaching, here is the best of LGBTQA+ London

    We’re big fans of Pride celebrations here at Staytripper, in fact you should click here to see our top picks of Pride events across the UK… Before we get too side tracked, we have to acknowledge that London is home to one of the biggest Pride festivals in the country, so we thought we’d create a run down of some of the best spots for those looking for an inclusive LGBTQA+ experience in the city.

  • Pride events blog 2019
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    The best Pride events in the UK

    People all across the UK are celebrate Pride month in June and all across the summer you’ll find Pride events going on all over. From big parades, music events and small, intimate gatherings you’ll find an event that suits you.

  • top ten events june 2019
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    Ten top events for you to attend

    The bank holiday might be over, but there is no need to feel down, there is still plenty to look forward to (including another summer bank holiday!). We thought we’d give you a taste of some of the top events taking place across the UK in the next couple of weeks that might take your fancy!