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Festivals are a staple of summer time events and there are so many to choose from that you will be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed. Don’t worry though, we’ve come up with a few tips you might not have thought of but will definitely help you survive your weekend of partying.

1. Take a Camping Chair
Look, we know they’re bulky and a pain to carry around but having a camping chair at a festival is a real game changer. Think about it, it rains, you can’t sit down to rest your aching feet. It’s sunny and you want to sit down but still have a relatively decent view. Camping chairs cover all bases, so consider it.

2. Pack plenty of wet wipes
When you’re at a festival, wet wipes are the holy grail of essentials. They can be used for literally anything, freshening up, cleaning up a spillage, getting mud off your trainers. You never know when you might need one so make sure you have plenty of them on your person.

3. Bin Bags over rain coats
Everyone knows that pac-a-macs are useless and that a full on rain coat is too cumbersome for being at a festival. So, be a maverick and make your own rain protection, take a couple of bin bags with you, they’re durable and they’re made for being lugged around and chucked in bins, so they’re really good at keeping you dry. And if you have several, you can easily fashion yourself shoe covers and a poncho.

4. Swap your usual water bottle for a foldable one
Foldable water bottles are much easier to carry around and can be stored easily. It’s really important to stay hydrated, so having a foldable bottle will make it easier for you to refill whenever you come across a tap and you won’t have to worry about trying to make room for it in your bag.

5. Always arrive early
Whatever stage you want to be at, get there as early as you can, that way you can find something recognisable to use as your base and you can make sure you have a good spot for you and your friends to hang in.

Most importantly however, we want you all to be safe and have fun!
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