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Embark on a thrilling night of adventure with a brand-new collection of short films from the world’s most prestigious mountain film festival!

The Banff Mountain Film Festival joins the world’s best adventure film-makers and explorers as they push themselves to the limits in the most remote and stunning corners of the globe. Witness epic human-powered feats, life-affirming challenges and mind-blowing cinematography – all on the big screen!

An adrenaline-fuelled, not-to-be missed event with free prize giveaways that is guaranteed to ignite your passion for adventure, action and travel!

Photo Credit: Picture by Ben Tibbetts

Banff 2020 Blue Programme:

A Nordic Skater (5 minutes)

Nordic skating is the art of long-distance skating on natural ice and, on the spellbinding frozen fjords

and lakes of Norway, Per Sollerman has found his calling. A former action sports fan, Per now uses all

of his senses to journey safely over the ice and feel part of the landscape. An enticing portrayal of

this little-known sport.

Return to Earth (Tour Edit) (5 minutes)

Combining epic riding with life’s big questions, Return to Earth stars mountain biking’s biggest

athletes, unsung talents and up-and-coming youth as they shred gnarly trails from British Columbia

to Utah, while proving that when we lose track of time, we can make the most of it. In these

moments of clarity, there can be an entire lifetime worth remembering.

The High Road (18 minutes)

Nina Williams is drawn to climbing the most beautiful lines… which also happen to be the tallest.

Nina specialises in highball bouldering – climbing tall boulders of extreme difficulty, without a rope –

which combines the physicality of bouldering with the mental discipline of free soloing. Watch in

awe as she flexes her guns and tests her nerves well into the no-fall zone.

Spectre Expedition – Mission Antarctica (36 minutes)

1,000 miles, 200+kg, 65 days, 3 mates, 1 mountain. Using snow-kites to travel great distances, with

massive loads at speeds up to 60kmph, this is the epic tale of Leo Houlding, Jean Burgun and Mark

Sedon's daring dream to reach the summit of the most remote mountain on earth: The Spectre,


The Frenchy (11 minutes)

Jaques Houot, 82, may just have found the fountain of youth. The Colorado-based French ski racer,

downhill mountain biker, road cyclist and incorrigible flirt is the embodiment of joi de vivre. Jaques

has survived countless close calls, including avalanches, cancer, car accidents, a heart attack and

even attempted murder. As a survivor, he tries to enjoy every day he has, ripping through the

mountains with his signature catchphrase, “No problem!”

The Long River Home (20 minutes)

US veterans who were injured in war come together for another mission as they guide blind Navy

veteran Lonnie Bedwell on a 14-day river trip in the Grand Canyon. Battling powerful rapids

including the daunting Lava Falls, this is a film about overcoming the residual impacts of war through

kayaking – forming a team, kicking out in the current and finding a line through the chaos.

The Running Pastor (9 minutes)

As a shepherd’s son, Sverri Steinholm grew up chasing sheep around the dramatic, otherworldly Faroe

Islands. Today he is a pastor of the Lutheran Church, the dominant religion on the islands. He is also a 

compulsive runner, finding solace and spiritual refuge from personal conflicts and the burdens of

priesthood on rugged, exposed trails of his homeland.

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Open (24 Sept 2021)

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